Why I don't play Sims

Years ago when we bought this computer, it came with this interactive game called "The Sims." Well, I thought it was about the coolest thing. You could pick your character, design their house, buy furniture, make them do things like watch T.V., or go visit a friend. However, it didn't take me long to figure out The Sims world is really messed up. I had two female roommates having a great time when one of the roommates catches on fire in the kitchen while she is cooking dinner. She died! I was so shocked. I couldn't believe it. But, oh well, life had to go on for her roommate. Or so I thought. The roommate got depressed. I tried to make her get a job, but she was too depressed to work. I tried to get her to call a friend, but it was the middle of the night. All she did was walk around the house and cry.

Honestly, who needs that? I took the game out of the computer and haven't played it since. Every once in a while I see a newer version of Sims being advertised on T.V. Even a pet version of Sims. So, what happens there - your dog gets run over by a car? No thanks. I think I'll stick with my daughter's Littlest Pet Shop game - picking pretty hats, colors, and sunglasses for cute little pooches. Now that's the kind of reality game I like.

Just this week, I dug out The Sims from the deep recesses of my computer desk to put in the charity bag. I will try not to feel culpable when some unsuspecting person buys the game for a dollar than goes home to watch another roommate burn up.