The pig needs food and so...

You talkin' to ME?!

So goes a well known quote from the movie Taxi Driver. Have I ever seen this movie? No. Do I want to see it one day? Perhaps. After all, Jodie Foster considers it her best movie. And who can argue? She won best actress in a supporting role. Although I've heard the quote here and there, I googled it as I knew it to be said by Robert DeNiro, but wasn't quite sure of the movie. And don't you just love Wikipedia? It can tell you anything, including why having a crush on Jodie Foster motivated John Hinkley, Jr. to shoot at President Reagan. It was from the plot of Taxi Driver!

What's this have to do with me and buying guniea pig food at eight o'clock this morning? I was in the aisle perusing the food when a woman walks toward me and speaks: "Oh, I need to get some of that. Ha, ha, ha, ha."


I stared at her. DeNiro's words went through my head. She's not LOOKING at me. She's looking at the shelves. She's talking to the fish food. She's laughing at the fish food now. Her curly hair is covering her ears so I can't check to see if she's got a bluetooth. But she has to. She's answering the fish food, and I didn't hear IT say anything.

If you have a bluetooth, please read no further. I certainly don't want to offend you.
Still here?
What the heck is the deal with these people and their head gear?! Are they so important that they can't leave a phone for 20 minutes to get their fish some food? Do they know how strange they look conversing with smelly wafer thin flakes? And how do those things work anyway? Do you push a button in your ear to answer the phone, or is it voice activated? I pull a DeNiro and say:
You talkin' to me?
And they look at me like I'm crazy. Hey, I'm not the one talking to pet food, lady.
Enjoy your solitude. Enjoy the peace of no one demanding your time except little Goldy who could use some lunch. Realize the world may yet revolve if you are unavailable for a few moments. Consider it an exercise in humility from this dummy who keeps asking you,
"You talkin' to ME?"