One too many...

If you read my blog regularly, you probably know we have three cats. Two really should be the limit. And, you know, when I take one off somewhere, they are pretty darn good about finding their way back home.
That's a joke. I haven't actually LEFT them anywhere though the temptation is there at times like when they cop an attitude and swish their tail and drink out of the toilet. Cats are just not humble. They don't know their place. They think they must have fresh food and water all the time. I mean, can't they remember when they were common outdoor cats who were lucky to get fed at all? No. It seems not.
Litter boxes are a big issue for us. The cats enjoy their litter boxes. They get so excited when we clean them and will nearly pop their eyes out straining for a drop or two of pee to put something in the clean litter box. I expect any day for Tiger Lily to bust her gut trying to dirty up the box.
Why? Why??
So, we're taking a trip and leaving the cats behind. This created some concern as we empty the 2 litter boxes at least once a day and usually twice! How will it be for them to go several days with no clean box? So, I went and bought more boxes.
As I was pulling one from a tall stack on the top shelf of the pet aisle at Kroger, I thought, "Wow. These litter boxes are heavy. How strange."
And why were they heavy?
Because they already have the litter in the box! How clever! Yes. It is a disposable litter box with "free litter" already under the sealed lining. I was so impressed. I wanted to talk to the cashier about it. Can you believe it? The litter is already in there. You just peel back the paper, put it on the floor, and Tiger Lily can strain to her heart's content.
It's sort of like the Jiffy Pop Popcorn for cats. It's all disposable. It is self-contained. And it is actually even better than Jiffy Pop because it won't have burnt popcorn in the middle!!