The Muse is loose

I've got some great inspiration for the blog, but no time to write! I'm on my way to Lexington for a meeting. Don't I sound important? I have some really great looking postcards of The Jinx. I don't know what the heck I'm going to do with 100 oversized postcards, but I have them. So, if you know someone who would like to have them, shoot me an email with a mailing address and I'll be glad to send one out.
Email me at

Other great happenings in my publishing world.
1. I'm incredibly close to finishing the edits on The Clergy Affair. When I think I have finally put that baby to bed, another mistake pops up. That's okay. I'd love for it to go to press with no errors what-so-ever. And that is hard to do, but not impossible.
2. I'm just weeks away from the print release of The Jinx. This is so exciting! On December 5th it should be available on Amazon as a print book, and in a few weeks after that, you should be able to order it off of any book store site or go to an actual bookstore and order it as well. I have ordered books from my local store, and they have actually shipped the book to my house so I didn't have to go back out to the mall. I like that. Of course, it would be even better to have it on the shelf already, but I'm not complaining. I'm just glad to be here. In the publishing world. With a book I'll actually be able to hold in my hands. Is that so super awesome cool or what??!!

Well, enough rambling. I'm off to Lexington.