People are talking...

Wow! The Jinx was voted "Best Book of the Week" on the Long and Short of It (or LASR, for short) website. How does one get this distinction? Well, first some person with the name of a flower writes the review. My reviewer was "Poppy." I don't know Poppy, but I must have done something really nice for her in a past life because she wrote an incredible review of The Jinx. I was talking to a friend of mine in my critique group about the review, and her response was, "She gets it."

I agree! Poppy appreciated the comedic elements of the story, and her comments reflect that she enjoyed it. I couldn't ask for more. Now, the fun thing about the review was that LASR invited people to vote on the best review and allowed them to comment as well. I admit that I sent emails out and even called a few people asking them to vote for The Jinx's review. But, to my credit, I did in some cases invite those recipients to read all the reviews and make their own decision. I read them all. And, I did think Poppy did the best bang up job. But, hey, I know I'm not unbiased on the matter. Today, I went back and read some of the comments posted by people who read the review. Interestingly enough, I recognized some of the names of the commentators.

Take this one:

Your Name: Leona M
Your Comment: I Agree!!!! I loved the story, it had many stories entwined throughout. Was such a lite, fun read. Made you feel good and young. Reminded you what love felt/feels like.
The money scenes were too funny.
I will be in line with you to get next book. I may get there first hopefully and get first one.
Loved- loved -loved it!!!!

This is a friend of mine in Georgia. She loves this book because there is a veiled reference to a Bruce Springsteen song. Leona would marry the man if she could. In fact, I'm a bit surprised she didn't name one of her sons after the guy.

Or this one:
Your Name: Leslie Noble
Your Comment: It's been a long time since I've read anything this fresh and fun! It was a pleasure from the first page to the last. I have a feeling this author is going places.

Another friend. I went to college with her. She has been excited with me from the moment I shared the news. I love that she has the vision that I won't be a "one hit wonder." Thanks, Leslie!

How about this one?
Your Name: Stephanie
Your Comment: I loved this book. I bought it and read it last week. I can't wait to read more by this author.

I'm pretty sure it is my sister. She's the caregiver and cheerleader of the family. One reason I think she liked the book was because I gave one of the characters her name. Little tidbit of info. here. I had originally named her "Dana" then changed it to "Lisa" and I thought, why not? It was a fun way to honor her.

Here's another one:
Your Name: Damund W
Your Comment: No matter the genre, I love a good read. I look forward to reading this funny romantic tale.

Now, I just love this. This shows loyalty. I actually got a guy to read the review and comment on it! This is my friend I have known since high school. He is a JAG and quite the adventurous soul. And, he's not married, ladies. What I admire about him? He actually ran with the bulls in Spain and didn't get gored. He told me he will be deployed in Iraq later this year and plans on reading The Jinx during his deployment!! Isn't that cool? The Jinx is going to be deployed and doing its little piece to entertain our service personnel as they are far from home. That Damund would read a romance because I wrote it just shows what a good and loyal friend he is.

This is hilarious:
Your Name: Dwight McCormick
Your Comment: I love stories about plumbers. There aren't enough.
This one tops the list of books involving plumbers in love. Buy three copies-one for each plumber in your life.
Dwight from Ohio

And, yes, I know him, too. This is my friend Dwight who is a stand-up Comic. He invited me a while back to collaborate with him on his comedy. What an honor that was. And I have such a good time going back and forth with him via E-mail about what is funny. By the way, Dwight has got this gig coming up October 23rd in Dayton, OH. You buy a ticket which gets you a drink and a seat to a clean and funny show. No talk of peepees and such that you sometimes get at Nightclub acts. These guys are funny without being gross or crude. And in my opinion, that takes real talent. Let me know if you want a ticket...or two...or two hundred. I think that's how many he has to sell to break even on this deal. He may even be willing to put you up at his house if the commute is long. But don't hold me to that offer. I'm not sure how many bedrooms they have, and his wife gets cranky when she wakes up with strangers in her bed.

Thanks to all of you who voted so that I could have my LASR Best Book button. The best part of being published is sharing it with all my friends. You guys bless me greatly. I think it was that sweet angel Clarence who once wrote (and I'll give you a star if you can tell me the movie I'm referring to) "Remember no woman is a failure who has friends." Actually, Clarence wrote "man", but you know I had to make it fit my situation, and I'm sure Clarence wouldn't mind.