The Deadly LY

As I make the final edits to "The Jinx", I am trying to remove as many LY adverbs as possible. Apparently (argh) I use a lot of these, and I need to use stronger verbs instead of plain, boring verbs, then try to spice them up with LY adverbs. For example, "He looked at her briefly" can easily (aah! another one) be changed to "He glanced at her." Until the editor suggested working on those nasty adverbs, I was completely (oh, help!) clueless as to how many times I depended on these pesky things.

Well, this is not easily done (see?). This isn't done easily (pulling my hair out now). THIS IS HARD!!!

I went to the book store and bought the biggest thesaurus they had. That ought to make a difference-hopefully.