Dah-ling, you look so distinguished!

Oh, heavens! I've reached a milestone in my life. I can remember not too long ago-okay, it was before I was married-when the clerk at the grocery store wouldn't sell beer to my future husband because I looked underage. I was so insulted, I photocopied my driver's license and wrote a letter of complaint to the company. So, now I notice that even if the person in front of me gets carded, I don't. No biggie. And on some off chance that I did get carded (because it never happens NOW), I was cool about it by the time I hit 26 or so.

But here was the ultimate. Here's when I knew I had officially gotten old. At Tai Chi the other night, a woman complimented my hair. I replied, "Thanks! I got a curling iron for Christmas!" With my schedule these days, curling my hair is a heck of a lot easier than getting it cut! Then the dear woman said to me, "It makes you look so young."
And there it was. Oh, my gosh. I have been put in the category of intentionally trying to look younger than I am!
Am I upset about this? Not exactly. Disturbed? Perhaps. Amused? Yes.
I guess there's nothing left, but to get a quad cane, watch Matlock, and get my five buck reading glasses at the dollar store.
OH! That's why my arms seem too short when I try to read anything now.
I get it.